Piedmontese Gastronomy

One of the richest in Italy since it was able to combine the flavours of peasant culture with the sophistication of French cuisine from the Kingdom of Savoy.

Italy is the favourite destination of Gourmands or Gourmets from all over the World…

… and Piedmont is the pride of Italian wine and food.

Many dishes that today are considered as having great character and sophistication in the past were served both on working class tables and those of the important royal families of the region.

Barolo, one of the best Italian wines, and the white truffle of Alba represent only the spearhead of Piedmontese Cuisine, made up of tradition and conviviality.


Local dairies are the flagship of regional production. Here are some examples of cheeses you can enjoy at Merlini 22:

Castelmagno PDO

Castelmagno is a cheese which has been made for many centuries: the earliest known mention of it dates to 1277, but in all likelihood its origins are much earlier.

Castelmagno is a semi-hard, half-fat cheese produced from whole cows milk, obtained from cattle of the Piedmontese breed fed on fresh forage or hay from mixed meadows or pasture.

Raschera PDO

A particular type of cheese named after the lake and pasture at the foot of Mount Mongioie, has been produced in these mountains around Mondovì since time immemorial.

Raschera DOP is a semi-fat, raw, pressed cheese, ivory white in colour with a compact texture. It has a refined, delicate taste, characteristically aromatic and moderately sharp and savoury if aged.

Toma Piemontese PDO

It is Piemonte’s best-known cheese, and probably one of its oldest. It is certainly the cheese that best represents the character of this region.

Toma Piemontese DOP can be made from whole or partially skimmed milk, It has a pale yellow to russet brown rind, depending on how long it has been allowed to ripen, and a taste that ranges from sweet to intensely fragrant in the half-fat version.

Robiola di Roccaverano PDO

Robiola di Roccaverano DOP is a fresh soft paste goat cheese, its origins are very ancient, since the Celts used to breed goats in these lands and produced a kind of cheese which is probably similar to he one produced today.The Romans kept producing it and called it Rubeola, “reddish”, from the color of the crust of the aged cheese.

Robiola is a very tasty cheese and it carries seasonal scents coming from the pastures’ grass. Aged Robiola di Roccaverano DOP features a very strong, and almost piquant taste.

Blu di Loazzolo PDO

This classical cheese from Piedmont is obtained by processing raw cow’s milk from the village of Loazzolo. It is a blue cheese to be eaten on your table that recalls the great tradition of blues Piedmont.  It is also a long maturing cheese (it can exceed 120 days). Blu di Loazzolo has an intense and slightly spicy flavour, characteristic of blue cheeses.

I Prodotti in vendita

Ti presentiamo la nostra selezione di prodotti del territorio pronti per essere gustati a tavola con amici e parenti.

Vegetables Antipasto

It is also called “antipasto from Piedmont”, it is also good with tuna fish and hard-boiled eggs.


Little peppers from Piedmont without the core and filled with tuna fish, all handmade. Very tasty!

Anchovies in oil “al verde”

These tasty fillets of anchovies: put in salt for several months, then they are cleaned, filleted by hand, replaced in olive oil, herbs and spices.

Bagna Cauda

From the tradition of Piedmont, with Italian garlic and anchovies; it is served hot with raw vegetables cardoon, cabbage, red turnip, peppers

Chopped “testa nera” porcini mushrooms

Good, crisp mushrooms for important occasions

Robiola with truffle

Typical cheese from Langhe, produced with cow’s milk, it is aged, chopped into cubes and put into jars with Truffle oil.

Truffle dressing

Extra virgin olive oil with the perfumed and unique taste of truffle: for that special occasion!

Moscato mustard

From Moscato grape juice and fruit, it goes well with cheese, polenta, fried food, ice-creams.

Onion Mustard

In 2 sizes, perfect with seasoned cheese such as: toma, raschera, castelmagno, teston, pecorino.

Peppers Mustard

Perfect with seasoned cheese such as: toma , raschera, castelmagno, teston, pecorino.

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