I Merlini 22

The pleasures of food together with a romantic atmosphere

Experience the taste of traditional Piedmont dishes, within the warm atmosphere of I Tre Poggi, in an elegant, quiet and relaxing setting.

Delicious and balanced meals carefully prepared to make an impression on the mind and palate.

The restaurant consists of a main hall furnished with warm and cosy materials and a private dining room for a dinner with friends or for more intimate occasions.

The Wine Corner, between the walls of bottles of fine wine, is the perfect place for tastings and aperitifs while waiting to be seated or to end your day in a relaxing way.

Merlini 22 is also open to customers not staying at the residence and is available for exclusive events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays and private parties.

For further information please contact us +39 0141 822548

The Food

Piedmontese tradition is one of the richest in Italy since it was able to combine the flavours of peasant culture with the sophistication of the French cuisine of the Kingdom of Savoy.

Our Chef Mauro proposes traditional recipes prepared with ingredients strictly related to the territory and seasons, choosing among farm-to-table products.


Among our dishes, the following deserve a special mention:

vegetable flans

agnolotti (both traditional square shape and ‘del plin’)

“tajarin” (fine egg noodles seasoned with various sauces”

risotto from Vercelli

How can we forget Piedmontese desserts, the “Bonet” (amaretti and caramel spoon dessert), the Langarola hazelnut cake, Lady’s Kisses and the delicious gianduiotto (Piedmontese nut chocolate).


The cuts used are Piedmontese Fassona, a top-quality breed recognised as one of the best on a nutritional level.

Beef from Asti is sought after for the preparation of traditional dishes.


Local dairies are the pride of regional production.

Our cutting board is rich with artisan products that perfectly accompany another territorial gem: grape mostarda or honey.

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Quality, territory and local culture

Narrated and represented in each plate served.

Piedmontese gastronomy

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